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Case study: Department of Health

Southampton Strategic Service Partnership
Development of performance management dashboard report
A development programme to review current KPI management process and improve performance management dashboard.


The management consultancy business of Capita supports commissioners in the service procurement process. We inform the prioritisation and decision-making process with detailed analysis on service performance, and evidenced best practice. Capita assisted the Strategic Market Development Unit at the DH to develop their healthcare market analysis and run facilitated events, as part of a programme to provide commissioner support in procuring End of Life Care.

Our approach

Capita was commissioned to lead a four month project, which involved developing a commissioning pack for End of Life Care for a DH and PCT audience. Capita also facilitated an event with DH, PCT commissioning leads and suppliers to share our progress, key findings and to gain further input and feedback on the final product.

The Strategic Market Development Unit at the Department of Health is coordinating a process to develop exemplar commissioning packs. The packs will enable PCT commissioning teams to use an off-the- shelf approach to procuring new services for nationally recognised priority areas.

Capita’s role was to develop a commissioning pack for End of Life Care and facilitate a number of events to involve stakeholders in the development process.

The Capita team developed a commissioning pack for End of Life Care which drew together all existent guidance and resources into a single accessible document. We distilled the latest thinking in policy guidance, best practice, evidence and case study examples into a single resource. This was supplemented with guidance around the development of effective service specifications and procurement practice. Additionally we developed a economic case toolkit which allowed PCTs to understand the financial impact of service change. Tribal engaged with DH policy team and identified exemplar PCTs and SHAs across the country to share and document examples of good practice. We concluded our work through the delivery of facilitated sessions involving PCT commissioning teams, and other health service professionals and suppliers. The sessions were run to share our key messages, to explore some of the key themes from commissioning packs, and to elicit feedback and share experience. The resulting guidance provided a valuable support for commissioners of End-of Life care, and enables this approach to be adopted for other strategic health outcomes.

What we delivered

Capita delivered the following key impacts:

  • We developed a one-stop resource for the effective commissioning of End-of-Life services, with applicability to the commissioning of many other complex multi-pathway, multi-provider services
  • Our team also delivered an economic toolkit, demonstrating the potential impact of commissioning services differently
  • Through our facilitated work we successfully engaged with opinion-leaders in this sector to share our approach and feed-in further insight and examples.

“To deliver the End of Life Care Strategy - promoting high quality care for all adults at the end of life and the local SHA visions, PCTs will want to consider delivering extended and improved service provision with their partners” Anonymous.

The Operating Framework for the NHS for 2009/10

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